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the o.c. <3

california here we come

oc fans.
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yeah, so if you have pictures or posts that
are huge, put it behind an LJ-CUT.

<*lj-cut text="whatever you want here"*> (take the stars out, duh.)

Also, this community is MEMBERS ONLY. Friends only all of your posts, otherwise they will be deleted. YOU DO NOT NEED TO FRIENDS ONLY YOUR POSTS ANYMORE.

monroexox & p0etic_trag3dy_ & pinkxfashion

Welcome to oc__central
The community based completely on the fox series THE O.C.
Feel free to rant about previous/upcoming episodes, post icons/graphics, drool over characters and make friends :)
it is an open membership, but just make sure your first post tells us a little about yourself.
mods are
p0etic_trag3dy_ and monroexox and pinkxfashion
ask us any questions and/or make any comments.
lastly, have fun and pleassee promote.

the fab four <3

new cast members(season 2)...


family members...